All the information about the campaigns and the letter (email) to Unesco from our website and facebook has been released;


Materials (to use online and to print) in order to share out this cause and this campaign have been released. Go to Action Kit;


Public awareness activities in Lisbon and Oporto;


Tourism and wine industries are being mobilized;


The local communities are being mobilized;


We are bringing together national and international public figures to support and spread out the cause;


Dissemination actions of the campaign to media, opinion-makers and general public;


Volunteering activities, such as spreading flyers and other activities for the dissemination of the campaign are constantly organized. (To take part in these activities, please contact the Platform Save the Tua);





Our intention is to put pressure on the body able to stop the construction of the dam (UNESCO) sending by email as much letters as possible (in each own name), of all supporters of the Tua, in the weeks before and during UNESCO meeting. The goal: 25.000 letters (email).

Visit the tab WHAT YOU CAN DO to send the letter (email).

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