With the construction of the Foz Tua dam the destruction of the Tua Valley and its historic railway line, which are part of the Alto Douro Wine Region, a World Heritage site by UNESCO, is eminent.
The mission of the Platform Save the Tua is to protect this heritage, making sure its value is not undermined, and to prevent it from being destroyed by the dam.


There is not an actual economic reason for the construction of the dam.
There are much better alternatives.
The price is too high and to be paid over a long time which means the next generations will also pay for it.
It is imperative to safeguard and valorise a priceless heritage of high ecological, social and economic value, which is part of our legacy and the Portuguese identity and culture, and an essential tool for the future development of the Tua Valley and Douro.
For us, on the grounds of our citizenry, and for the future generations.

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