The dam in the Tua Valley violate the Convention for the Protection of the Cultural and Natural World Heritage (1972), which Portugal ratified with the Legislative Decree number 49/79 of June 6th.







The goals of the National Dam Program have already been exceeded as a result of the ongoing power capacity increase, energy consumption is decreasing and there are other cheaper and less damaging ways to generate the same amount of energy: energy efficiency, power capacity increase of the existing dams, photovoltaic energy.





It will cause added coastal erosion risks as a result of the sediment retention, and it will inevitably cause a water quality degradation in this Douro region.



It will be paid for everyone in taxes and electricity bills.



It’s like having three spare tires for the same car.



It is the same amount as the University fees for a semester and a half.


The Foz Tua dam leads to unacceptable restrictions of the common right to a safe environment, just as fundamental as other rights, liberties and personal guarantees.





The Foz Tua dam is in flagrant violation of the values on the nomination of the Alto Douro as a World Heritage site.

The Foz Tua reservoir will destroy the Tua centenary railway line, a valley of natural and human landscape with high cultural and touristic value. And it also puts pressure on the nomination of the Alto Douro as a World Heritage site.




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