Like the facebook page of the Platform Save the Tua;

Share the facebook and website pages with all your friends and family;

Post on your facebook profile picture and cover photo the image of the Platform Save the Tua (check Action Kit on website);

Use the materials in the Action Kit (digital or printed) to disclose the campaign / cause;

Share the song and the animation Let’s Save the Tua;

Take part in the campaigns;

Make a donation to the Platform Save the Tua bank account 0035 0824 00011696 230 78;

Volunteering in raising public awareness for the campaign, for example distributing leaflets;

Become a member of the associated organisations;

Send us a creative contribution (photography, video, painting, illustration or others) and we will share them in our web pages;



In order to put pressure on the body able to stop the construction of the dam we are asking to all our our supporters to send this email to UNESCO.

Brief instructions: Please customise the title/subject of the email, and sign it with your name. Thank you.

If you face any problem sending the email this way, please send it as usual. The body of the message and the email addresses are here.


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