Wine producers from the Douro and several local, environmental and development associations, united in the Platform Save the Tua, have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the construction of the dam. The campaign has the support of several musicians such as Rui Reininho and Luísa Sobral that have composed a song. The surfer Garret McNamara also takes part and the campaign has a special limited edition of the wine Assobio, from Quinta dos Murças, with a message in the label”. –  Report of Sic Notícias.

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“The ongoing construction of the Foz Tua dam (…) is a project that should not occur in Portugal nowadays: the economic and social intake is scarce and the environmental impact is tremendous,” João Roquette in Alivetaste.

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“I hope I die before this dam is ready, to not to see these things” Gonçalo Pinheiro (Farmer) – in Porto Canal, January 25th, 2014

The Platform Save the Tua that enrols a movement with 20 lawyers, wants to contest the statement of public utility of the Foz Tua dam and provides free legal support for the land-owners that were affected by this project construction.

This report was made in the January 25th, while a gathering was held in the municipality of Murça, that had the purpose to clarify about the real impacts of the dam.

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João Joanaz de Melo in the program Olhos nos Olhos – TVI, January 20th, 2014

João Joanaz de Melo in the program Olhos nos Olhos – TVI, with Medina Carreira, on January 20th, discussing about “ The National Dam Program and the Foz Tua case

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“Facturas de Betão” – TVI,  2012

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“Barragem do Tua: Quem fica a perder?” – RTP, 2011

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