“The dam is Yours! Thank you, but I can’t accept.”

“ The pedals went faster as the will, then, as most of it was riding down, we felt the wind in our faces and with our hands we stepped on the brake, of the wheels, not the dreams…”

By Jorge de Carvalho



Requiem pelo Vale do Tua” – Song by Chico Gouveia; Chico Gouveia (portuguese guitar); José Neves (classic guitar)

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“Save the Tua River” – Video enviado por Duarte B. Morais

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“Tua is yours” – Photos by Mário Sousa

mario sousa

Thank you Mário Sousa!



A Liberdade é tua” by André Pais – voice of Daniela Ribeiro and played by André Pais

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Thank you André Pais!



“No Surprises” from Radiohead – by Luísa Sobral

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Than you Luísa Sobral!



“Reino Costa-Azul (Deixa lá)” from Márcia – performed by Márcia

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Thank you Márcia!



“Tua Memória” – Tribodimagens

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Thank you Tribodimagens!


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