On this event, a plan of action was announced with the purpose to mobilise public opinion concerning the ecological, social and economic costs of the construction of Foz Tua dam by EDP.

On December 12th 2013, the Platform Save the Tua made the presentation of the campaign “Save the Tua” in the Auditorium of the Luso-American Foundation.

The purpose of the campaign “Save the Tua” is to raise public awareness about the environmental, social and economic costs of the dam, exposing the lack of reasonable explanation for the destruction of the Tua Valley, part of the Portuguese heritage and identity.

On the occasion of this event, there was the public acknowledgement of the movement of lawyers named Lawyers for the Tua which has ensured the representation of the Platform. Among its members we name the former Chairperson Augusto Lopes Cardoso, the lawyers Agostinho Pereira de Miranda and Manuel Magalhães e Silva, and the professors Lebre de Freitas,  Elizabeth Fernandez and Almeida Ribeiro


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